Early Days

I think that there’s no way forward but through all this because the constitutionality of the individual right to bear arms isn’t going anywhere, and we just don’t know what regulations will strike the courts and us after the fact as compatible with the right until we try some and have some of them get held unconstitutional and some not. For that, we need faith, in the democratic and judicial processes, and each other. It took a century to figure out the First Amendment; it’s early days. And someday we will all look back at all those ‘crazy’ gun people the way we now think about all those crazy Eastern European immigrant anarchists handing out leaflets and Jehovah’s Witnesses shouting hellfire on street corners, whose pain in the ass behavior over several decades helped the courts and us figure out what the First Amendment means. Only after all that could we learn to say, “but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”


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