By all means, have a discussion about the regulation of assault rifles. Because if there hadn’t been an assault rifle involved, it would’ve been a murder-suicide, two fatalities, and you wouldn’t have had to be aware of it at all. And that would be great because then there would be even less of a chance that we would have to think about what happens when women and children are abandoned by their husbands. But seriously, why on earth would a wicked patriarch stay in such a painful and difficult situation when, instead of upholding the wicked patriarchy by doing a duty no one honors or respects anymore anyway, he could flee to self-actualization, leaving the mother of his severely ill child to “empower” herself in the only way available? It’s funny: we bend over backwards to avoid discriminatory hiring that might adversely affect white upper middle class professional women, and yet somehow, it still totally sucks to be a woman in America. While we wallow in our sublimated fantasies of revenge against those who do not share our distrust of our neighbors or ourselves, remember that, while the Other created the lax gun control regime that we are complaining about now, the match as it were, we created the dysfunctional families that cannot survive severe stress, the powder keg.


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