People Power Versus Person Power

The U. S. Supreme Court will hold that the health insurance individual mandate is constitutional. The swing vote will be Justice Antonin Scalia. That is all.


4 comments on “People Power Versus Person Power

  1. Aaron says:

    I think this is more about who you want Scalia to be rather than who he is.

    He strikes me as less a man of thoughtful and complex principles than a man who delights in his own cleverness, and in finding outlandish ways to prove others wrong.

  2. poseidonian says:

    I didn’t want him to be the swing vote in Gonzales v. Raich but he was. That is all. I leave the rest as a homework assignment to the reader.

  3. Pliny the Elder says:

    I have really tried to be interested in this case, but failed. Wickard v. Filburn may have been wrongly decided, but if the wheat I do not sell can be regulated under the commerce clause, the idea that the health insurance I do not buy cannot be so regulated strikes me as risible. If the federal government could make a person buy a musket in the 18th century (which it could and did), it can make a person buy health insurance in the 21st.

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