Googling “There is No Better Education Than”

the public schools
a private school education
the perspectives of history, literature, and philosophy
study of the Holy Scriptures and the traditions of the Church and of our ancestors
the classics

foreign travel
experiencing the world firsthand
what goes on between a doctor and patient
the writing of essays on subjects just outside the range of one’s capacity
going out there in front of an audience
seeing firsthand how others do what you do

chat with fellow exhibitors
editing a small-town newspaper
painting outdoors
handling, caring for, and training animals
that of the Black for the Black and by the Black
working amongst the people to build socialism
owning a Mercedes-Benz
the fact that an insurance company will ask that question
what you got at Ghost

good conversation
the sight of the best
the presence of a good man
the demonstration of values through a living personality

putting your hand into your pocket for a dollar
conducting or participating in simple and complex events
keeping theory and practice in constant and fruitful relations
practical work
personal involvement
one’s own failures
the classroom of life
life itself


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