Reckless are they. Now matters are worse.

Why are there no clergy participating officially in the 9/11 ceremony? You know the answer to that as well as I do. There are three possibilities: include all clergy from all traditions and then be subject to endless vilification about the presence of Muslim clerics collectively guilty of 9/11 and a continuing attempt to destroy (i.e., be a part of) America; include everyone except Muslim clerics and be accused of Islamophobia and betrayal of core American values of religious tolerance and pluralism; or include no clergy at all and be accused of being the typical liberal godless heathen that dominate Manhattan (code for: Jews). Fueling half-conscious antisemitism proves to be the least of all evils? Great.

To everyone who helped bring us to the point where the traditional American bulwarks against the old, European-style wars of religion are blasted to ruins, all just for marginal political advantage, to everyone who helped pour this poison into our common political life, a big sarcastic thank you.


One comment on “Reckless are they. Now matters are worse.

  1. skholiast says:

    Thus conscience doth make cowards of us all.

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