The Twenty-Sixth Random Thing, Ctd.

Regina Herschmann Dore, 1906-2011.

I had said “One of my great-grandfathers was a Austrian Jew who converted to Catholicism, married a Catholic woman, and raised all his children in Catholicism. One of his daughters left Germany for America within months of Hitler coming to power, and because of these facts, I am here. The ghosts of countless unborn cousins occupy the periphery of my world, and a week doesn’t go by when I do not think of this.”

And now she is gone.

I would say Kaddish, but I don’t know how.


One comment on “The Twenty-Sixth Random Thing, Ctd.

  1. Victoria says:
    The kaddish prayer appears in English, Hebrew/Aramaic, and a transliteration for those who can’t read the Hebrew letters.

    There’s also a link to someone chanting it early on that page.

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