arry on the struggle to the end to strike against the right deviationist wind of reversing verdicts

I see from my dashboard that another blogger has commented on ATP, characterizing it as “right-wing.” A free Starbucks gift card for the first person who can find five posts which satisfy any description of “right wing-i-ness.”

[Poster caption translation: “Carry on the struggle to the end to strike against the right deviationist wind of reversing verdicts!” Hat tip


6 comments on “Contest!

  1. skholiast says:

    Ye gods. Um, well, you criticized Clinton. You like the Cato Institute… damn, that’s only two.
    Do people even know there are more directions than “right” and “left”? Like, maybe, Up and Down, In and Out, North South East West? (I’m trying to choose the easy ones.)
    Maybe you misunderstood. Could they perhaps have meant you were right-handed?

    • poseidonian says:

      I’m in favor of the Arab Spring, but I’m not sure which side that puts me on any more. I think the past two years looks a lot like calls for dialogue between liberals and conservatives, which I suppose presupposes a suspicious lack of hostility toward the right, and a lot of unhappiness over Islamophobia and various other troubling phenomena on the Right. There have been periodic unfriendly comments about Ayn Rand. One of the classic ploys of Left and Right has been to play to the peanut gallery by using the contrary label for vilification and as a substitute for argument (see promiscuous uses of the word “socialist” as a substitute for argument on the Right). But I haven’t heard any arguments so far. I especially haven’t heard any arguments to the effect that Paula Jones actually never existed, but that’s because, you know, she did. I don’t make these things up, people. But if I lost readers because of that stroll down memory lane, that’s very unfortunate, because what is far more important right now is the fact that we are in yet another undeclared war, scheduled by imperial presidential dictat. Unless the fact that it is a Democrat who is doing it makes calling attention to it “right wing.” I would hope not. I would hope that it was seen for what it is: a desire for peace.

  2. Pliny the Elder says:

    Actually, in spite of my affection for the President, he may be handling the WPA the worst. Claiming that it is constitutional but contains a sub silentio de minimis clause appears to me to maximize the opportunities for future mischief, even if he is unlikely to commit such mischief himself.

  3. mary eng says:

    coffee is a non-indigenous food reliant on systems of petroleum and petroleum wars. it is not macrobiotic and it has a high carbon footprint. starbucks does not recycle in california. they do not serve 100% organic coffee. they union-bust and force non-union contracts on employees. they used hormone-full milk until organic consumers union convinced them to stop serving hormone-filled lattes. they have been sued for misallocation of tip revenue to managerial staff. they also have been forced to remove managers who sexually harass. so despite the green apron, they are a red company when it comes to labor exploitation, animal exploitation, pesticide culture, landfill waste. they cause carpal tunnel system injuries in a high number of staff causing carpal tunnel surgery necessity.

    • poseidonian says:

      Good to know. And all snarkiness aside, I think that I would self-describe as “centrist” which, like all such labels, looks different to different folks, depending on where they are on the spectrum. The label I use on the blog is “liberalism, classical and pragmatic” and the former is a reference to John Stuart Mill, and the latter to Richard Rorty. I’ve been accused of being a “liberal” (by someone who regarded that as an insult), a “socialist”, and a “radical.” I have also been described as conservative. I have no complaint at being characterized as to the right of someone who thinks of themselves as on the left or vice versa (that’s the vicinity where one would find the center, one supposes). But the pejorative use of “right-wing” is inaccurate, simply because there are too many things too many conservatives want that I don’t want.

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