I’m Confused

So does this little cloudburst in a coffee pot mean that plucky resistance to British colonialism is now Un-American? To quote the good bishop, we Irishmen cannot attain to these truths.


4 comments on “I’m Confused

  1. Pliny the Elder says:

    I had already concluded that Gov. Huchabee was irrelevant. The only hope the GOP has in 2012 is to nominate someone who has serious foreign policy of business/economic credentials. He has neither. This is at most a sideshow.

  2. poseidonian says:

    It’s not clear from my remark, but I am not at all concerned about him, or even the party, but about the possibility of losing sight of an important part of our heritage.

  3. Pliny the Elder says:

    I understand. on the other hand sometimes I wonder if thinking of UK as the “same” country against which we rebelled is really accurate.
    (I often think how risible it is that the PRC talks about “China” as having existed for thousands of years.)

  4. Gordon says:

    So the ship of Theseus is not the same ship as it was, then? Always puzzled by that.

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