I have nothing to add to this other than to say that it is clearly true, and an inchoate intuition of mine along these lines has been coloring my perception of politics for awhile now. This also, by the way, should induce a rethinking of the Nolan Chart, if it implied that “wants you to have an additional 25 cents of purchasing power” and “wants you to not be subjected to a Chekhist’s handshake” ended up being represented as comparable distances from a point on the chart. If we started to think seriously about the implications of Kuznicki’s point, the question “how much do you care about human freedom” might start to be answered very very differently than it did when we simply partitioned the logical space into which kind of freedom do you care about. Also: I would like to caution Mr. Kuznicki, as I don’t think he quite appreciates the perilous, Wilkinsonian path he is treading, or where it leads.


2 comments on “Prioritize

  1. Pliny the Elder says:

    One of the difficulties, of course, is even gaining the concession that choices must be made. I, for instance, am not really troubled by minimum wage laws, my theory being that it may be wise as a community to (over)reward behavior that is socially good (obtaining and retaining employment), and the reduction in liberty is trivial (though not zero). There are, however, costs to be paid for this and we need an honest discussion. Unfortunately, there are folks on the “left” that will not concede that minimum wage laws have any deleterious effects on entry level employment, while there are some on the “right” who will not concede the possibility of any social utility to rewarding employment. No real conversation occurs. Multiply this by 1,000 and you can sort of see how we got here.

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