The Education You Are About To Receive

The last honest Republican explains. You may also find the following data he quotes from helpful:

Percentage of Government Social Program Beneficiaries Who Report They “Have Not Used a Government Social Program”

529 or Coverdell: 64.3%

Home Mortgage Interest Deduction: 60.0%

Hope or Lifetime Learning Tax Credit: 59.6%

Student Loans: 53.3%

Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit: 51.7%

Earned Income Tax Credit: 47.1%

Social Security—Retirement & Survivors: 44.1%

Pell Grants: 43.1%

Unemployment Insurance: 43.0%

Veterans Benefits (other than G.I. Bill): 41.7%

G.I. Bill: 40.3%

Medicare: 39.8%

Head Start: 37.2%

Social Security Disability: 28.7%

Supplemental Security Income: 28.2%

Medicaid: 27.8%

Welfare/Public Assistance: 27.4%

Government Subsidized Housing: 27.4%

Food Stamps: 25.4%

Source: Suzanne Mettler, “Reconstituting the Submerged State: The Challenge of Social Policy Reform in the Obama Era,” Perspectives on Politics (September 2010): 809.


One comment on “The Education You Are About To Receive

  1. Pliny the Elder says:

    To lead is to choose and we have no leaders.

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