“Miss Me Yet?”

“In spite of Congressional posturing, the U.S. will stay calm. The euphoric excitement in the U.S. runs the risk of forcing unforeseen action [there] that would be very bad. We will not be making exhortations […] or setting timetables. We will not exacerbate the problem by having the President of the United States posturing…”

No, I don’t miss you yet. But I miss your father, who spoke these wise words on November 17, 1989, thereby depriving himself of the credit for “winning” the Cold War, and giving millions a slightly greater chance of coming through that time free.


One comment on ““Miss Me Yet?”

  1. Pliny the Elder says:

    I seldom second guess my voting, but I sometimes wish that I had voted for George H.W. Bush. I believe that history will be relatively kind.

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