Honor Them

by remembering them: Dick Scobee, Michael Smith, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnik, Ronald McNair, Christa McAuliffe, and Gregory Jarvis. And by continuing their work.

Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don’t care, I’m still free
You can’t take the sky from me.
Take me out to the black
Tell them I ain’t comin’ back
Burn the land and boil the sea
You can’t take the sky from me.

— Sonny Rhodes, “Ballad of Serenity”


2 comments on “Honor Them

  1. V.E.G. says:

    Francis Richard “Dick” Scobee’s cousin was a hero and a lumberjack, Roland L. Scobee.

    Stephen C. Scobee
    Ruben Hickman Scobee-(siblings)-Caleb Scobee
    Louis Ray Scobee-(first cousin)-Richard Scobee
    Roland L. Scobee-(second cousin)-Francis William Scobee
    Roland L. Scobee-(second cousin, once removed)-Francis Richard “Dick” Scobee

  2. V.E.G. says:

    Scobee is of Scotch origin.

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