Aren’t You Glad…

…that Isabella and Ferdinand weren’t Americans? because if they had been, there wouldn’t be any. For elaboration on the paradox, read this. I’m sure that somewhere in their government, there were complaints about oceanic exploration costing too much at even less than 1% of the national budget, and that the spin-off technologies were insufficient to justify the costs. Perhaps there were even complaints about how it was all about subsidizing the builders of big ships and the oversized egos of Italian adventurers. But take a moment and look at your feet. The ground below it? That wouldn’t be under your feet had it not been for that “wasteful” spending. And in all likelihood, that would be not because your feet would be standing on some other soil, but because they, and you, wouldn’t exist at all.

This country is spending billions of dollars it doesn’t currently have to repair old roads. Later, it will spend money it doesn’t have paying off the debt to the people who loaned it to them. And those people will be building the New Roads. Thank God someone will.


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