Have We Still Not Caught Up With Nietzsche?

Whenever I turn my attention toward today’s Darwinians, I get the impression that they think they can take their Darwinism out of a locked box, use it as a weapon to kill Christianity, put it back in its box, and resume their naive fantasies about the limitless power and benevolence, not of God, but man. As if such a ruthless process as natural selection could have assembled our very souls and not left behind any untoward consequences. In any case, we surely cannot take our moral guidance from nature. (If you think you can, you do not know nearly enough about what is “natural”). What, then, are we to take it from? What we happen to think we want right now? And that isn’t taking direction from nature?

I would think that Christians should want to make common cause with genuine Darwinians, both of whom would recognize the gravity of the human condition, its “fallenness” if you prefer. And if I ever meet any, I will be sure to suggest that to them. In the meantime, everyone else may return to their games, their regularly scheduled Oedipal dramas, and go back to sleep. Me, I’ll stay up so I can rock out to the truth.


One comment on “Have We Still Not Caught Up With Nietzsche?

  1. Pliny the Elder says:

    Judge Posner has made similar points, but I cannot remember the book. (He has written such an absurd number.) Leftists like evolutionary biology for beating up fundamentalists, but if it is used to, for instance, account for racial or gender differences then the nicest thing you will be called is Herbert Spencer (usually the Hitler card is played). I agree with you: if evolution is our first cut for accounting for things then we do not get to bracket unpleasantness and still claim that it is about science.

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