More With The Worship Words, Ctd.

Did you say anything critical of the federal government today? I did. I said that it murdered Wilhelm Reich (see below). You can too, you know. Because the highest law in the land, the Constitution, says that no law shall be made abridging the freedom of speech or of the press. A law that prohibits the government from penalizing speech critical of that very government is a necessary condition of republican government, and the freedom it ensures. Everyone should have such freedom. Because when they don’t, their government can do foolish or evil things, and prevent anyone from knowing about it, thus preventing action against such things, and then foolishness and evil prevail.

Yes, yes, you say, I know these things. No, you don’t. You take them for granted. These people do not. They speak truth to power, and when, not if, their real names are found, they will be killed. Honor them, by worrying a little about them today, by remembering that even the most brutal dictatorship contains human beings who are more than just victims, and by making a point of talking about something you think foolish or evil your government has done lately. You won’t be killed for it, and that is nothing short of miraculous.


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