Too Good To Be True

Here’s an idea: I’m going to start a religion based on the idea that some guy was the promised king to liberate an occupied people from bondage. I want to make his story as impressive as possible. Let’s see. I’ll start by making him a bastard, that’ll make a favorable impression. Then I’ll have him be the mere follower of some other guy, a guy whose group utterly failed after the government beheaded him. I’ll portray him as mixing with the underbelly of society: prostitutes, collaborationists, schizophrenics. And not only will I make a special point of having him also utterly fail to liberate anyone from anything, but I’ll have him betrayed by one of his principal lieutenants, get arrested, flogged within an inch of his life, repudiated by the very people he’s supposed to the liberator and king of, abandoned by another principal lieutenant, and humiliatingly tortured to death like a common criminal.Yeah, this has got to be propaganda; it’s all just too good to be true.


2 comments on “Too Good To Be True

  1. Pliny the Elder says:

    Some folks refer to Christianity as a “fairy tale”
    My response is always the same: Worst. Fairy. Tale. Ever.

  2. skholiast says:

    Natus est Dei Filius, non pudet, quia pudendum est;
    et mortuus est Dei Filius, prorsus credibile est, quia ineptum est;
    et sepultus resurrexit, certum est, quia impossibile.

    Granted, it’s not so hot as a syllogism. But it’s pretty good as a description. “Shameful. Unsound. Impossible.”

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