Partial Retraction

Life is complicated, you know? I just learned that Gabby Giffords had been one of the Democrats who joined Republicans in reading the text of the Constitution in Congress the other day. Here she is reading, yes, the First Amendment. I don’t know if that gives me hope, or, more likely, despair, but it does make me feel like I should at least partially retract my comments of yesterday. Whatever the motives of some may have been, we should think the best of others, and in any case, a day when someone is reading the Bill of Rights is a good one. Thanks also to Pliny the Elder, for helping me to see this more clearly.


2 comments on “Partial Retraction

  1. Pliny the Elder says:

    She is also married to a military officer, who may have a sense of humor. He is a navy officer, but they wed on the marine corps birthday (also Pliny the Elder’s daughter’s birthday).

    For what it is worth, veteran civil rights activist John Lewis read the Thirteenth Amendment

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