I Have An Idea For A Movie

It’s about dysfunctional marriage, extra-marital affairs and near divorce in which the emotionally abusive husband is portrayed sympathetically, the kids are undamaged, the wife represses her sexuality for the sake of the marriage and everyone lives happily ever after except for the real mother of their children, who gets lectured at by the abusive husband and has the door slammed in her face. It’s called The Kids Are In No Way Affected, Thank God.

Is there some simple tweak that will make this script work?


One comment on “I Have An Idea For A Movie

  1. Jacob says:


    The main problem isn’t the kids, I don’t think… it’s the dad. He’s the bad guy but wins in the end. You have him break down for a minute to induce identification with him, but that’s not enough to keep him from being a bad guy. The hand squeeze at the end doesn’t leave us with a good feeling because we think that the wife, foolishly and perhaps because of a hint of sentimentality sticks with an abusive guy. In other words, *his character development isn’t believable.*

    So he needs to be made more complex. You need to show somehow that he has a good side that he can tap into such that, if the movie were to play out the rest of their lives together, he would live out the rest of their life together as that guy.

    You could have him hanging out with an old college friend being vulnerable. Or you could do flashbacks to earlier times in their marriage in which they loved each other better, such that the hand squeeze at the end is a re-kindling. In the latter case, it would be interesting to develop the answer to the question “what happened? what went so wrong to make their marriage so screwed up?” with more flashbacks. Just some suggestions. But the main points are that 1) you’ve got to make the “happily ever after” believable and 2) you can do this by writing in some goodness in the father that he can tap into so that we don’t have to think that the wife is just sentimentally sticking with this guy who has a whole bunch of bad habits of character.

    The solutions you mentioned that people suggested don’t give you the celebration of family and committment. But I say that such celebration would be great and I think you could do it with just a few tweeks.

    Oh, and hot lesbian sex isn’t family friendly. Just have ’em make out and have emotional connection and intimacy.

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