My Big Fat Greek Decade Redux

Why Greek? I dunno, something to do with epic, tragedy, comedy and philosophy.

Was it a good decade? It all depends on how you look at it. The Supreme Court explored its newly minted constitutional authority to pick a president, foreign policy started to resemble a bad Bond film, Russia slid into fascism and America flirted with it, international free trade started to unravel, the budget surplus was squandered, the economy collapsed, and the cunning of history reminded us that it really has it in for Poland. On the plus side, we brought back some of the coolest photos and data from Mars hitherto, Bond films started to resemble good Bourne films, Apple continued to innovate, the Coen Bros. continued to turn out masterpiece after masterpiece, Tolkien hit the big screen finally, we elected the first African-American president, the euro launched successfully, the people of Iran yearned and struggled for freedom, and health care got reformed. On the personal front I: lost a career, saved a career, got a JD, published two books, got a divorce, lost my kids, got married, got my kids back, bought my first house, lost one kid to drugs and another to suicide, saw the surviving kid climb back up to clean and sober and getting his GED, found God, lost God, got wisdom, figured out what my philosophy is finally, and realized that I am surrounded by the best friends a man can have. I wouldn’t call it a wash, but it wasn’t dull.


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