Ho Ho Ho

Last year, I got the best present ever, the gift of understanding. So I think I’ll wrap it up and open it again. It’s this. So have Cuba Libre on me, Alone. You’re the best. μὴ φῦναι τὸν ἅπαντα νικᾷ λόγον: τὸ δ᾽, ἐπεὶ φανῇ, βῆναι κεῖθεν ὅθεν περ ἥκει, πολὺ δεύτερον, ὡς τάχιστα. Merry Fucking Christmas.


2 comments on “Ho Ho Ho

  1. Jacob says:

    I hear ya.

  2. Pliny the Elder says:

    After my sister died (or was murdered, I am not going to get into that), someone told me that I would feel better. I said (and still say) I do not want to feel better. There is nothing wrong with feeling bad about things that should make one feel bad. Of course, with the death of my father the following year (exactly one week before Christmas), and my mother a few years after that I eventually spent time thinking about other things (e.g., my obligation to focus on my own children). This does not count as feeling better, but it is different in a less crippling fashion.
    So Merry Christmas.

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