The Writing on the Ground

He crouched, and with his finger wrote something on the ground, as though he hadn’t heard, but they kept pestering him. Finally he stood up and said, yes, the innocent may do this.


3 comments on “The Writing on the Ground

  1. Jacob says:

    Don’t you mean “to the innocent you may do this,” or “if you are innocent you may do this?” I know that it takes the pack out of the rhetorical punch when the trope has to be explained, but would you be so kind?

  2. poseidonian says:

    no, I think my paraphrase of John works pretty well actually.

  3. Pliny the Elder says:

    Of course, the background theory is that no one is innocent (“without sin”). This may be one of the reasons that once the Nazis transcended Christianity they found it so easy to be so vicious.

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