Run The Numbers

I guess this is somewhat obvious, but there appears to be no way out of our looming federal fiscal catastrophe unless we substantially reform both Social Security and Medicare on both the revenue and the spending sides, and even then, we’ll still fall short unless the Bush tax cuts are allowed to sunset for those making over $250,000. Even if you cancel all discretionary spending now, and let Peace, Love and Understanding blossom in foreign relations, instantly. The party of fiscal responsibility will therefore be the party openly in favor of uncapping Social Security taxes, delaying eligibility, reducing COLAs, capping Medicare spending to some percentage of GNP, etc. etc. etc.

You will have to cut entitlement spending, and pay for what you don’t cut. Numbers don’t lie.

One party is willing to do these things (hint: it’s not the party that talks about how your money is yours, how we should target waste in discretionary spending, how we should have a balanced budget amendment, how low taxes means high revenue, etc.—here, actions speak deafeningly louder than words), but neither party is willing to discuss doing these things, for fear of losing elections. They’re not wrong to do so, but in a democracy it is hard to do painful things without at least discussing them first. And that means that we are all going to get the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization that we all so richly deserve.


One comment on “Run The Numbers

  1. Sisyphus says:

    True true. But it is a death warrant to the first party to do anything substantial (even bring up the subject as you mention) to staunch the spending. The numbers are scary.

    Check this out:

    It’ll be interesting to see if it goes anywhere. Going after defense, cutting federal employment by 10%, cutting back on Medicare, raising taxes, and limiting Social Security benefits all need to happen and this seems to be the right way to go about doing it.. but there is a Republican House now to contend with.

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