So Does This Mean I’m A Democrat?

Yipes. Apparently so, based on my television viewing habits. I have never seen any of the shows on the Republican list, with the exception of Two and a Half Men, which I watched once because I was at someone else’s house and they were watching it, and I hated it. By contrast, three of my favorite shows are from the Democrat list (Dexter, Breaking Bad, 30 Rock) and I’ve at least seen a few episodes of Mad Men, but couldn’t get into it. One of the more interesting comments in the thread was the conservative statement that 30 Rock drove them away with its relentless skewering of conservatives. Now this is curious, because the iconic Republican figure is more often than not the wise one who gets it right. But perhaps there is another factor as well? The show satirizes Democratic sensibilities in a dead-on way, but I think that most Republicans would fail to grasp this because of the enormous discrepancy between Republicans’ imagined liberals and actual liberal foibles. For example, this week Tina Fey is angsting about whether the store that sells her jeans is locally owned and operated. How many Republicans even know that Democrats have a preoccupation with supporting local business (because it isn’t a big bad corporation)? Aren’t they supposed to be these folks who hate and want to destroy local business, you know, because it’s virtuous? Also, oddly, she is never enraged and hardly at all pursues an obsessive anticolonialist agenda. She’s too busy letting everyone walk all over her, hint hint.


4 comments on “So Does This Mean I’m A Democrat?

  1. essxjay says:

    Reviewing the lists I’m struck, nay stunned by the incidence of reality shows on the Repubs list as well as the underwhelming wit with remainder of the lot with the possible exception of ‘Big Bang Theory’.

  2. Carlisa says:

    Ha. Nice jab there at the end. Can’t say I’m surprised at your results though, subtleties and sophistication are lost on a lot of republicans I know, who prefer Two and a Half Men to shows like 30 rock. It’s easy comedy (is Two and a Half Men even funny? Nothing I’ve heard on it is ever funny. And Charlie Sheen…what’s his appeal?) Anyway if we were going by the company one keeps, you’re definitely more of a democrat. Not sure if that’s because you live in Portland or you’re a cat person or both.

  3. Carlisa says:

    WAIT– Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami? Seriously, Democrats!?? F**k this. I’m registering as Independent.

  4. Pliny the Elder says:

    I am probably too late to add to the thread. (Secretary Gates had other things for me to attend to.) I do not own a TV but do watch it when on the road and the only two shows I have watched enough to have an opinion are the two 11s and I like them both. Two-and-a-half Men is somewhat funny, but I find the folks so repulsive I cannot enjoy it.

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