Meet the Tea Party: Clarification

So a bunch of professional politicians from state-level politics got a job promotion to federal level politics during a predictable partisan pendulum swing at the midterm, which journalists throughout the land misinterpret as a revolutionary transformation of American politics. I have a problem with that?

Not at all. In fact, this was one of the things I voted for in 2008. I wanted to:

1. Send a message to the Republican Party that it had lost its way
2. End the lethal partisanizing of the wars by getting the Democrats to own them
3. Maintain balance and diversity on the Supreme Court, and
4. Set us up for partisan gridlock by 2010.

Mission Accomplished!

(Sorry about the health care thing. Didn’t see that coming! I won’t apologize for the spending like a drunken sailor thing though, since everyone does that.)


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