Meet the Tea Party

Newly elected to the U.S. Senate:

FL- Marco Rubio: professional politician

PA- Pat Toomey: professional politician

KY- Rand Paul: son of a professional politician

UT- Mike Lee: Washington D.C. lawyer and former clerk for Supreme Court justice

WI- Ron Johnson
: private citizen, businessman

Newly elected to the House of Representatives:

AZ-5 David Schweikert: professional politician

FL-24 Sandra Adams: professional politician

GA-9 Tom Graves: professional politician

ID-1 Raul Labrador: professional politician

IL-14 Randy Hultgren: professional politician

IL-11 Adam Kinzinger: professional politician

IN-3 Marlin Stutzman: professional politician

MI-3 Justin Amash: professional politician

MI-7 Tim Walberg: professional politician

MO-4 Vicky Hartzler: professional politician

NH-1 Frank Guinta: professional politician

NV-3 Joe Heck: professional politician

OH-1 Steve Chabot: professional politician

OH-15 Steven Stivers
: professional politician
OH-16 Jim Renacci: professional politician

SC-1 Tim Scott: professional politician

SC-3 Jeff Duncan: professional politician

SC-5 Mick Mulvaney: professional politician

VA-9 H. Morgan Griffith: professional politician

WV-1 David McKinley: professional politician

AR-1 Rick Crawford: former Congressional staff member

AR-2 Tim Griffin: former federal government employee (incl. aid to Karl Rove)

FL-22 Allen West: private citizen, soldier, has run before

IL-10 Robert Dold: lawyer, intern to a Vice-President, clerk for state judge, counsel for a Congressional committee

IN-9 Todd Young: soldier, lawyer, former Congressional staff member

LA-3 Jeff Landry: soldier, lawyer, has run before

NY-13 Michael Grimm: lawyer, FBI agent

NY-20 Christopher Gibson: private citizen, soldier, political think-tank fellow

SC-4 Trey Gowdy: lawyer, district attorney
TX-17 Bill Flores: private citizen, businessman, appointed member of a state government commission

WI-7 Sean Duffy: lawyer, district attorney

AZ-1 Paul Gosar: private citizen, dentist

FL-2 Steve Southerland: private citizen, businessman

IL-17 Bobby Schilling: private citizen, businessman
MI-1 Dan Benishek: private citizen, doctor
NC-2 Renee Ellmers: private citizen, nurse

OH-6 Bill Johnson: private citizen, soldier, businessman
TN-4 Scott DesJarlais: private citizen, doctor

WI-8 Reid Ribble: private citizen, businessman

List courtesy Fox News. Categorization mine (1. prior elective office, 2. government involvement or electoral bid without holding prior elective office, 3. no prior government involvement). I count an additional 25 Republicans who defeated incumbents for House seats, and an additional 3 for Senate seats, but none of them were considered “Tea Party” by Fox News. I make no judgment as to whether the utter paucity of winning candidates lacking evidence of prior political interest or experience is a good thing or a bad thing; regular readers know what I think about that already.


2 comments on “Meet the Tea Party

  1. Pliny the Elder says:

    Michelle Bachmann is not newly elected. She has been in the House at least since 2007

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