More With The Worship Words

Obviously I make no comparison of circumstances or stature, but a fellow blogger faces the death penalty for political speech. He is a Canadian citizen who has criticized U. S. foreign policy and defended Iran’s nuclear program for strategic reasons. How can this be? Who could possibly want him dead? Ah, but he is also an Iranian citizen who said on his blog that Israel isn’t so very terrible.* Don’t agree with him; defend to the death his right to speak, for what this characterization shows is that he lives in a state in which nothing short of complete agreement, publicly expressed, can keep you alive.

Agreement not important. Only life important.
The voice is the outward form of the soul.
Bullying is weakness, and despicable.
The worship words are for everybody, or they mean nothing.

If you share my faith that the worship words are for everybody, please sign the petition.

*Or, if you prefer, “cooperation with enemy states, propaganda against the Islamic regime, promoting anti-Revolutionary groups, insulting sanctities, launching and managing vulgar and obscene sites.”


4 comments on “More With The Worship Words

  1. David Buchner says:

    Star Trek. Is there nothing it cannot do?

  2. poseidonian says:

    See Nozick, Nature of Rationality on symbolic value. Instrumental value is not the only kind. Also, as Hegel might say, how do you know what you believe if beliefs have no behavioral manifestation? Of course, he would’ve put it so much more eloquently than I. Not.

  3. skholiast says:

    I do not understand why a search for his name on Amnesty International’s site turns up zero hits. Though he seems to have voiced some criticism of Amnesty once or twice himself, still, his case seems an obvious one for them to champion. I know A.I. is not a perfect organization, but still…

  4. poseidonian says:

    I suspect that it’s just a keeping up thing; there are two hits on the AI site, but nothing since 2008.

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