Today’s Latest Delightful Satire from The Onion

And yes, I am eagerly awaiting the parallel article to this one, on That Other Topic of Interest.


3 comments on “Today’s Latest Delightful Satire from The Onion

  1. poseidonian says:

    Not exactly the angle I was focused on, which was touchy Satanists… But in a world in which people say in all seriousness things like “it literally blew my mind” I’m not sure I would make too much of the casual use of the word “audible.” See Quine & Davidson for more…

    Update: I followed the original documentation of the alleged auditory hallucination, and if she was not speaking loosely, and we take the description at face value, I would describe this as an innocuous neurological glitch to which she assigned a significance. This is apparently pretty common, though seldom discussed openly. It is nothing like the auditory hallucinations associated with schizophrenia. The event is pretty insignificant; it’s the interpretation that is key. But the interpretation she fastened on is consistent with what is normal within the social context she finds herself in. There’s no evidence of delusionality there, just a religious disagreement. I say we cut her some slack here.

  2. Pliny the Elder says:

    I would probably be more concerned about someone claiming to be religiously devout who also believed that God had never communicated with her in any way.
    As for O’Donnell herself. If this were the only reaon one might vote against her, one should vote for her.
    Bear in mind that Connecticut is about to elect a senator who apparently had a string of delusional experiences about serving in Viet Nam.

  3. poseidonian says:

    Like Spinoza, if I understand him correctly, I see no reason why God would not take advantage of the opportunity to express Himself through neurological glitches…

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