Is Newt Gingrich A Racist?

Of course not. But he would rather run against George McGovern than Bill Clinton, so he has to transform both Kenya and Iraq into North Vietnam. The irony, of course, is that Obama has just bet the ranch on an LBJ-esque surge in Afghanistan, but that doesn’t fit the narrative unless Newt truly embraces his inner Nixon. And to do that he would have to announce that he has a secret plan to end the war in Afghanistan. And that would never fly because today’s Republicans are fundamentally pro-war.


One comment on “Is Newt Gingrich A Racist?

  1. BV says:

    Of course, he’s not racist, but it is a cynical political ploy, surprise surprise. Gingrich hasn’t an ounce of integrity (if we believe his ex), and seems more and more willing to engage in this kind of pandering the older he gets.

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