A Simple Question For Bryan Fischer

I get it, I get. But I have one question for you: what do you think of what was done to Jose Padilla? For those with short memories, Jose Padilla is an American citizen who was suspected of conspiring with Al Qaeda. As a result of this, he was detained for five years without being charged with a crime.

Is that OK? I mean given the special circumstances?

The reason why I ask is because you have recently declared that mosques do not have First Amendment protections because Islam as such is a totalitarian criminal conspiracy; in essence, that Islam and Al Qaeda (and any similar such group) are one and the same. If extralegal preventive detention is appropriate for one Al Qaeda member, isn’t it appropriate for all?

The problem, of course, is logistics. We simply don’t have resources to detain all members of this particular totalitarian criminal conspiracy because there are at minimum 1.3 million members of it. Perhaps home detention? Or maybe designated neighborhood detention with special mandatory forms of identification would work.

No: There will have to be camps.


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