What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

Say it again.

Well, Pakistan may be killing our soldiers in Afghanistan, but at least they didn’t give nuclear weapons technologies to Iran and North Korea. Oh, wait, they did. Well, at least they share our values: massive social, economic and political inequality, intermittent military dictatorship, Islamic extremism. They say you always fight the last war. In this case, we seem to unconsciously think that we need Pakistan as a crucial ally in our struggle with the Soviet Union. Except that there is no Soviet Union.

The Bush Doctrine was to treat states that supported terrorism as agents who act through terrorism. The line from 9/11 to Al-Qaeda to ISI was clear enough for those purposes even then, even if destroying Manhattan was never Pakistan’s policy. So our response was to invade Iraq, and give Pakistan billions of dollars? And our “anti-war” president continues this policy of supporting Pakistan while battling its proxy? If I want to vote in the next presidential election for the “we won’t be snookered by our so-called allies who bleed us literally and figuratively” which party do I vote for?


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